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B+E Trailer Training

The B+E trailer test is your car driving test all over again but to an advanced standard. This is an extract from the driving examiners guidance of how to conduct and mark a test:

“To pass the test a candidate must demonstrate a high standard of competence in handling the vehicle. The candidate must also be able to apply the rules of the Highway Code. They must show that, generally, they have a full understanding of the principles involved in driving large goods or passenger carrying vehicles and of the application of those principles, and can demonstrate proper control in a wide variety of situations.

In addition, because of the size and weight of their vehicle, the drivers of lorries and buses must have a highly developed level of courtesy and consideration for other road users. The test will also include a section of independent driving where the candidate is asked to follow traffic signs or verbal directions or a combination of both.”

Everything that you could fail your car driving test on you can fail the B+E test on, the examiner expects a high standard of driving so all the bad habits that you have acquired since passing your car driving test need to be corrected, crossing hands, lack of use of mirrors, courtesy to other road uses, etc.

At Trailer and Caravan Training, we do not teach you to pass the test we teach you to be a confident safe driver using your abilities to manoeuvre possibly the largest and heaviest legal vehicle you might use on the public highway. The car and trailer is a lethal weapon which can kill or serious harm people and property if not used correctly.

We provide all the information and training that your require to pass the B+E trailer test and with your co-operation, effort and willingness to learn you will be successful in passing the DVSA test.

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